Why are you here?

Thus begins my journal about my exciting adventures with Technology!

Right now, I’m working on a “secret” project (no code name) and we have decided to move to the Perl-based Catalyst application framework, with all that entails.

Several of the usual suspects and members of the secret project have opined that my perspective as 1) a card-carrying technical document writer, 2) a gifted amateur in the realm of Perl programming, and 3) a generally insightful person and asker-of-good-questions might be of some interest to the Perl/Catalyst community.

It is also my hope that, as I share my struggles, those with the grizzled visage of experience will share their discoveries, making it easier for me to acquire new and different scars to share, in turn, with others. Thus is the cycle of programmer evolution. (Yay?)

This is also an opportunity to acquire some public exposure in my continual Quest For Gainful Employment. To that end, I’ll be adding this journal to the Iron Man Blogging Challenge list. (You can see the current list of posts over at the Enlightened Perl site.) Hopefully, you’ll see mine there soon.

I think the Iron Man thing is a very good idea. I too am just a little tired of the “Perl is Dead” crowd–when the real problem seems to be that Perl lacks visibility and (if you’ll pardon the buzzword) “mindshare.” Getting the legions of Perl programmers to talk about Perl in public seems like a grand idea, and I can help bang that drum, too.

More as it happens.

Bob Simpson

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