New Projects, Old Perls

I’m looking for a new gig, so I’m talking to a number of different shops, recruiters, et. al.

Over and over again, I’m being told they’re working with very, very old versions of Perl. I recently came back from an interview with a “leading technology company” that is startingnew project in Perl 5.8 and doesn’t want to use Moo or Moose because it’s too hard to get it past legal.

O_o “get it past legal…

They can’t use anything out of CPAN that hasn’t been approved. OK. I get that. Licensing is important. (Less so for purely internal projects, but let’s move on.)

Moo and Moose use the “same as perl” license and have been around for over three and five years respectively.

Either no one has asked, or legal has said no. I’m not sure which is worse.

Is there a better way to ferret out “Modern Perl” jobs? Or just “not 10-year-old Perl” jobs? I’m not against maintaining old code, I just don’t want to write any new “old code.”

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